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Clear writing as an insight skill

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

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Clear writing is more than just a communication skill. It’s a mental self-discipline that declutters the mind and paves the way for creative insight.

Clear writing strives for utmost simplicity: Use simple words and ideas, keep things short, structure thoughts well.

Clear writing doesn't start that way -- it starts with a messy and wordy first draft. We need that freedom initially so that our thoughts can flow.

After the first draft, clear writing is a subtractive process. The writer simplifies ideas and subtracts information until the core message shines through.

The process of clear writing is both meditative and fun. On the meditative side, it calms and grounds the mind.

On the fun side, clear writing is like solving a puzzle. As the writing clarifies, pieces fall into place. Our understanding clarifies and that leads to new insights.

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